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Nitric Oxide Boost

  • Supports Circulatory Health
  • Supports Cardiovascular Health
  • Optimizes Muscle Synthesis, Muscle Function, and Adaptation to Exercise

$ 75.00

Nitric Oxide Boost represents a patented, extended-release nitric oxide precursor. Scientists now refer to nitric oxide (NO) as the “foundation” of cardiovascular health. This tiny molecule is a vasodilator responsible for controlling blood flow to the entire body, which may help support healthy blood flow pressure and promote the health of the endothelium—the inside of blood vessels. With age comes diminished NO levels; that’s why since 1998, when three scientists won the Nobel Prize for their discovery of NO, researchers have been working to harness its heart-healthy activity. Today, with the application of Dr. Randolph’s Ageless & Wellness Medical Center’s extended-release technology, that activity has been realized with Nitric Oxide Boost.*
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