4 Benefits of Telemedicine

4 Benefits of Telemedicine

Over the last few weeks, telemedicine has gained more popularity than ever before. But what exactly is telemedicine? How does telemedicine affect us as patients during this unusual time?

What is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine is defined as the remote diagnosis and treatment of patients through telecommunications technology. This method involves the use of medical software and virtual systems to provide services to patients, without having in-person visits. The most common situations telemedicine is used for are follow-up visits, management of chronic conditions, medication management, and special consultation.

Telemedicine offers patients access to health care services from anywhere in the world. More commonly now, from home.   

Benefits of Telemedicine

1. Patient-Centered Approach 

It can often feel like when you need to see your doctor, it’s hard to schedule an appointment at a time that works best for you, especially for emergency cases or time outside of office hours. Telemedicine allows you to easily access your medical records, offers convenient billing options, and provides quick access to your doctor.      

With telemedicine, the quality of your medical visit becomes a patient-centered approach. As a patient, you can address health care questions with real-time urgent care consultation and learn about possible solutions within minutes.

2. Access to Specialists

As more medical offices begin offering telemedicine, patients will have more access to a preferred or specialized doctor. Telemedicine allows patients to visit their primary doctor or specialized doctors that are not nearby. This empowers the patient to pick the most qualified doctor for their healthcare, not the closest one in location.

3. Less Chance of Catching an Illness

In the context of our current health circumstances, spending time in the waiting rooms of doctors' offices is not in the spirit of global social distancing efforts. Utilizing telemedicine can be an effective tool in limiting unnecessary exposure to COVID-19, while still ensuring access to the health care you need.    

4. Time Flexibility

Taking the time to visit the doctor can be more effort than you sometimes feel it’s worth. Trying to find childcare, elder care, or time off work can be difficult. Many of us have the responsibility of caring for children or older adults, therefore, finding alternative care to visit the doctor can be difficult. Additionally, taking time off work can be costly and an inconvenience.

Telemedicine allows patients to schedule appointments during a break, or before or after work. Telecommunications lets the patient be anywhere that offers sufficient privacy, so you can maintain your health without missing a day of work or using your paid time off.  

Telemedicine at Dr.Randolph Ageless and Wellness

At the Ageless and Wellness Medical Center, we are providing our patients with the convenience of telemedicine. We are excited to partner with AdvancedTelemedicineTM to offer virtual office visits. With AdvancedTelemedicineTM, we can bill your insurance for telemedicine consultations.

Your health is important, especially during these stressful times, and we want to help you keep feeling your best! Contact our office at 904-249-3743 for more information about scheduling a virtual office visit.

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