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Optimal Aging, At Any Age

Dr. Randolph is one of the nation’s leading experts in optimal aging medicine and hormone health.

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Anti-Aging Hormones

Imbalanced or decreasing hormones can contribute to visible signs of aging. But maintaining proper hormone levels can help you slow the effects of the aging process, while allowing you to continue to lead a healthy, active lifestyle.

In fact a variety of hormones, not just sex hormones, contribute to the body’s overall health and appearance as we age.

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A Body in Balance

Whether you need more energy or are looking to improve your gut health, we have supplements designed to help support brain function, sleep, the immune system, joints, weight loss and more. Each product is designed to the highest standards in quality, safety and environmental sustainability. Explore the selection.

Women’s Health

As women go through the aging process, many experience a variety of changes that can impact the body and overall well-being. Concerned about premenopausal symptoms? Experiencing menopause? Are you postmenopausal?

Whether you’re concerned about maintaining normal hormone levels, weight management or just staying healthy as you age, we offer several supplements and products designed especially for women and their needs.

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Men’s Health

As men age, they may experience weight gain, loss of muscle, fatigue or sexual performance issues as a result of declining hormones.

Our range of supplements can help men improve their well-being, while rebalancing hormone levels and alleviating many
common symptoms.

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Sexual Vitality
& Aging

Sexual health is an important aspect of life for many people, regardless of age. We offer a wide range of treatments and products for men and women who want to increase their sexual vitality, including improving libido and overall hormone levels.

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