Dr. Randolph's Progesterone Cream

Our natural balance progesterone cream is naturally formulated from wild yam and is 100% bioidentical. Progesterone is a balancing hormone that has a variety of benefits, including:

  • Plant-Based: Our Natural Balance cream is derived from a plant molecule, diosgenin, that is found in wild yams and then synthesized in a lab to be identical to your naturally produced hormones. Bioidentical hormones have the exact molecular structure as the hormones made by your body.
  • Hormone Balance: Our unique formula helps your body achieve hormone balance and live well.
  • Enjoy Better Sleep: Enjoy improved sleep quality with hormone-balancing progesterone.
  • Pharmaceutical Grade: Natural Balance Progesterone Cream is formulated to be pharmaceutical-grade to give you confidence in the quality of our supplements.
  • Support Healthy Weight Loss: Supports healthy weight loss through balanced estrogen and progesterone levels.

To learn more about its benefits check out the products below and check out our blogs:

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