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Natural Balance Cream for Men

  • Progesterone Cream that Balances the Negative Effect of Estrogen
  • Helps Balance Excess Estrogen in Men
  • Helps Promote Improved Sleep
  • Helps Oxygenation of the Brain
  • Helps Inhibit Enzymes that Promote Unhealthy Dihydrotestosterone Levels

$ 30.00

Recommended for men suffering with signs and symptoms of estrogen dominance (high estrogen/low progesterone) such as: low testosterone (andropause), fatigue, mood swings, insomnia, weight gain, irritability, low libido, low thyroid, depression and anxiety. Our Natural Balance Progesterone Cream improves blood flow to the brain, helps with brain fog, acts as a natural diuretic and balances unchecked cell growth due to excess estrogen to reduce prostate cancer risks.
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