Natural Balance Progesterone Cream

    • Progesterone cream that balances the negative effect of estrogen
    • Balances the negative effects of estrogen and hormone imbalance
    • Improves hot flashes, night sweats, fatigue, weight gain
    • Promotes quality sleep
    • Improves blood circulation to the brain
    • Decreases risk of breast cancer

    $ 30.00

    Recommended for women suffering with signs and symptoms of estrogen dominance (high estrogen/low progesterone) such as: heavy/painful periods, tender/fibrocystic breasts, fatigue, mood swings, insomnia, weight gain in waist/hips, irritability, low libido, low thyroid, depression, anxiety etc. Our Natural Balance Progesterone Cream improves blood flow to the brain, helps with brain fog, acts as a natural diuretic and balances unchecked cell growth due to excess estrogen to reduce breast cancer risks.

    Customer Reviews

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    Happy Customer
    Natural Balance Progesterone Cream

    Fast shipping and excellent customer service. I seem to need more pumps in the new bottle. I am not sure if my body is getting acclimated to it and needs more because it's been so low for so long or if the amount per bottle/pump fluctuates. I am still very satisfied with this product.

    Laura B.
    Progesterone Cream

    Dr. Randolph’s progesterone cream is the best!! It absorbs super quickly and doesn’t leave any residue. I’ve been on it for many years (I started going through menopause at in my late 30s) and it’s the only thing that keeps my horrible migraines away. As soon as I stop taking it…they come back. So I know it works and I never want to be without it!! Thank you!!!!!!

    Barbara Bryan
    Trusted Product

    This is a product that I know that I can trust! I love the pump dispenser and I love that I can purchase this item online or in the store. Thanks Doc!

    Finally Sleeping Again!

    I am 57 years old and have already gone through Menopause. As I have been dealing with the symptoms of "no hormones", my doctor prescribed a very small dose of topical estrogen to help with severe dryness. However, I came to realize that this was keeping me from sleeping past 4 am for several years. After using this cream - one pump per night - I am sleeping 8-9 hours straight. I totally forgot how wonderful it was to wake up refreshed after sleeping through the night. I still need the estrogen cream but this totally puts me back in balance. Thank you Dr. Randolph!

    Sandy Brenneman

    I have been using this product for many years and it helps keep my blood pressure down, my nerves calm, and no hot flashes.

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