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Xenoestrogens and Plastic: How to Protect Your Endocrine Health

In our practice, we regularly counsel patients on how to treat the negative effects of estrogen dominance and other hormone imbalances in the body. Many women come to us seeking help for hot flashes, sleep disturbances, weight gain, depression, anxiety and low libido caused by rapidly fluctuating hormone levels during perimenopause and menopause.  Men are also negatively affected by hormone imbalance as they age and often suffer from weight gain,...

Hormone Imbalance and Your Mental Health

  Have you ever heard the team “menopause blues?” This phrase refers to the feelings of depression and anxiety which plague millions of women during menopause (1) and occur because of rapid changes in the levels of certain hormones that are responsible for mood regulation.  These changes, however, do not only occur to women during menopause. Anyone, male or female, of any age, can suffer from depression and/or anxiety brought...

What You Need to Know About Bioidentical Estrogen

Estrogen has become a household name when it comes to hormones. Many people know that estrogen is the female sex hormone, responsible for keeping menstrual cycles in check and maintaining female sex organ health and function. What you might not know is that estrogen levels are linked to various health problems and maintaining hormone balance with estrogen and progesterone can help protect you from these problems in later years. Estrogen...
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