The Hormones You Need for Optimal Aging and Beauty

Let’s face it — when it comes to aging gracefully, very few of us want to “Go gentle into that good night” and would rather do what we can to slow the effects. While we will never be able to stop the clock altogether, what we can do is arm our body with optimal amounts of the hormones that help us look and feel our best in the meantime. Read...

Hormone Imbalance and Your Mental Health

  Have you ever heard the team “menopause blues?” This phrase refers to the feelings of depression and anxiety which plague millions of women during menopause (1) and occur because of rapid changes in the levels of certain hormones that are responsible for mood regulation.  These changes, however, do not only occur to women during menopause. Anyone, male or female, of any age, can suffer from depression and/or anxiety brought...
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